General Rules

  1. Convention Staff, Guests, and Attendees may not engage in any activities that are prohibited by law. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • harassment
    • substance abuse
    • public intoxication
  2. Treat the Hotel and Convention Staff with respect.
  3. Convention Staff, Guests, and Attendees may not be in possession of any item defined as a weapon, illegal or not.
  4. Convention Staff and Attendees may not bring any animals onto the convention premises with the exception of ADA working Animals.
  5. Membership Badges must be worn and visible at all times.
  6. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  7. No sleeping in any Convention area at anytime.
  8. Membership Badges must be purchased in order to be allowed into the Convention space, if you do not have a badge you will be asked to leave until you purchase one.
  9. Do not run in the Convention space.
  10. Be mindful of those around you at all times.

Weapons and Props Policy

  1. Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, etc: permitted, and all props/weapons must be checked into the safety desk upon entering the convention, or (in the case of a Dealer’s Room purchase) right after you finish your transaction.  Realistic looking weapons will not be allowed.
  2. Any and all LIVE Weapons are NOT allowed. This includes individuals who possess a weapons permit, or a concealed weapons permit.
  3. Live Steel is not allowed in Convention Space. This includes blades, blunt, etc…
  4. If Safety decides a prop/weapon is too dangerous you will be asked to return the item to your room/car. If you take this as a mere suggestion, you will be expelled from the convention without refund.
  5. No swinging, play fighting (unarmed included), or throwing of props/weapons will be permitted.
  6. Real Guns: Guns and other firearms are not permitted. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license.
  7. Realistic ammunition and other realistically-colored weapons (ie: grenades): No live or spent ammunition, shells , or explosive incendiary devices.
  8. Whips: allowed, must be kept on the hip at all times.

Dance Policy

  1. No bags larger than a hand bag are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and messenger bags.
  2. The Safety Staff will not watch bags/items for you.
  3. The Safety Staff reserves the right to bar entry.
  4. The Safety Staff may initiate a voluntary bag/pocket check for contraband.
  5. Nothing attached to a string/chain that can be swung will be permitted.
  6. No cosplay props or weapons are allowed into the Dance/Rave area, this includes lightsabers.
  7. No fighting or dance fighting.
  8. If you have a history of seizures, asthma, or heart attack, please avoid the Dance/Rave. The heat and flashing lights may trigger attacks.
  9. Harassment will not be tolerated.

Dealers Room Policy

  1. Keep your hands visible and above the tables. Theft is no small charge, and the dealers WILL press charges.
  2. If the room enters a lock down, please remain calm and slowly make your way to the door.
  3. If Safety Personnel request that you open your bags please be polite and open them.

Events/Lines Policy

  1. To avoid fire hazards, keep lines single file and stay close to the walls.
  2. Please wait your turn in line.
  3. Don’t argue with the staff if they attempt to correct you.
  4. Keep in mind that the staff is not yelling at you, they have to speak loudly enough for the entire line to hear which can be difficult at times.
  5. Completely fill in seats, try not to leave empty spaces.
  6. Any event specific rules will be announced at the start of the event, please listen while they are being announced.
  7. ID will be required for any 18+ panels, and recording devices therein will also be prohibited.

Cosplay Policy

  1. Make sure all pointy objects are dulled so as not to cause harm to others
  2. If wearing a large costume with wings or other large parts that extend beyond your reach, are difficult to move in, or impair your vision make sure you have a handler or two
  3. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • No skates of any kind
  4. This is a family convention, please try to keep all cosplay as PG as possible
    • If you wear a skirt be covered underneath
    • If your costume requires a lot of exposed skin consider wearing a nude bodysuit
    • While these are not requirements if a complaint is received pertaining to your cosplay we will ask you to change
  5. Make sure you get cool air or ventilation while cosplaying
  6. Stay well hydrated
    • Drink water or Gatorade, not soda and Ramune!
    • Avoid caffeine and high amounts of sugar
  7. Don’t forget to eat a proper meal
  8. If you asked for a photo PLEASE make sure to move out of the flow of traffic
    • Blocking hallways/walkways is against fire safety regulations and you will be asked to move
  9. ​Remember we are here to have a good time & be respectful
  10. Save the judging for the judges please!

Please note that a violation of ANY of the preceding weapon or convention rules can be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Convention (without refund), as well as resulting in contacting local authorities depending on the severity of the situation.

Hours of Operations

Registration 7PM to 9PM
Booth Set-up TBA
Friday First Panel at 10AM
Registration 9AM to 9PM
Info Table 9AM to 9PM
Exhibitors Room TBA
Art Show TBA
Maid Cafe TBA
Gaming and video rooms TBA
Saturday First Panel at 10AM
Registration 9AM to 9PM
Info Table 9AM to 9PM
Exhibitors Room TBA
Art Show TBA
Maid Cafe TBA
Gaming and video rooms TBA
Sunday First Panel at 10AM
Registration 9AM to 3PM
Info Table 9AM to 4PM
Exhibitors Room TBA
Art Show TBA
Maid Cafe TBA
Gaming and video rooms TBA

note: all times are subject to change without warning at anytime.

Floor Maps


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