How to get your Tickets

Reserved Room Per Night = 5 Tickets
For each night you reserve a room at the official convention hotel you will receive 5 additional chances to WIN!

Registration = 1 Ticket
Yes, just for attending the convention, you have an opportunity to win.

Premium = 5 Tickets
For upgrading to a Platinum Membership, you will receive an additional 3 chance to go home with one of you awesome prizes.

Premium Plus = 10 Tickets
For upgrading to a Platinum+ Membership, you will receive an additional 5 chance to go home with one of you awesome prizes.

$10 spent at the merchandise booth = 1 Ticket
For every $10 you spend at our merchandise booth, you will be given 1 Ticket per transaction.

Participating Dealers = 1 Ticket
Certain vendors in the dealers room will be giving out tickets per transactions. The participants will have signs indicating which vendor you can get them from.

Game Room Tournament = 1 Ticket
Regardless of it being console or card gaming, you get 1 ticket just for entering. You must actually participate to receive a ticket.

Attending Events = 1 Ticket
Special events on the schedule, indicated with an asterisk *. Premium & Premium Plus as well as Ichiban pass holders get an extra ticket by arriving before these events start for advanced seating.

How to win

There is no purchase necessary! Throughout the weekend, you will be given tickets that give you a chance to win. There are many different ways to get your tickets, and increase your chances to win. The drawing will take place Sunday, during “Closing Ceremonies.” You just have to be there with your tickets for a chance to win.

*Tickets are given to paid attendees only, which includes: Weekend Registration, Day Passes, VIP Registration, and even Artists. All rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. Remember, you must be present at the drawing to win, and will not be held for any length of time.


Images Above Accurately Represent Prizes

Prize #1
Playstation 4 1TB
The PlayStation 4 system provides dynamic, connected gaming, powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features.
$300 Value

Prize #2
Xbox One S 500GB
Play the greatest games lineup on a smaller console. Just don’t let its size fool you – with an internal power supply and ample internal storage, the Xbox One S is the excellent Xbox.
$280 Value

Prize #3
Fallout Nuka Cola Machine Mini Refrigerator + Ramune
FIZZY FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, Your very own Nuka-Cola fridge for your settlement, Optional light on top guides you to your refreshment. Additionally, you get Ramune to stock your amazing fridge with.
$150 Value (If you can find it)

And More
Even more prizes will be offered at closing ceremonies!

Get you tickets now

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