Carl Martin

Carl Martin, owner and operator of Shinka Studios is a Professional Prop Maker and Cosplayer from Texas who now lives in Atlanta as a full-time Fabricator for Volpin Props, working for companies such as Blizzard, Riot Games, Super Giant Games, and many other Triple A companies, creating their props, figurines, and trophies for E-Sports. Well known for his appearance on Heroes of Cosplay, Carl travels the United States and other countries as a Cosplay Guest, judging contests, teaching at panels, and using his years of experience to teach the community. He has been featured multiple times by Kotaku, Cosplay in America, Forbes, Game Informer, and many more outlets for his Cosplay work. Carl and his studio have also served as both creators and consultants for RoosterTeeth and many other media and videogame companies. Carl also in tandem with 7 other creators and designers manages a Prop Maker Coalition, creating and selling props and items direct to consumers.

This marks Carl’s 10 year anniversary in cosplay, which he celebrates at IKKiCON, where him and his studio entered their first cosplay contest and won Best in Show, starting their journey in the community all those years ago.

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