Idol Festiv@l

Second Star

Mica Burton (of Rooster Teeth) and Jerri (of DtP) are a couple who share their mutual love of all things idols, K-POP, and Sailor Moon. They both have been dancing for years and are excited to finally come together to form their own dance group!

Galaxy Girl Paida

GalaxyGirl Paida is an underground idol from Texas. She began her idol career online, with covers of popular anime, idol, and pop music from Japan. Since that time, she has been performing live at Asian cultural festivals, conventions, and night live houses performing solo and working with DJ’s. Similar to the Japanese idol scene, she will engage the audience with fun and energetic J-pop style performance. She wishes to continue her success with her career as she goes on to create original content for the Japanese pop music scene and embrace her own style. Show this Texas local your support as she works hard towards becoming a singer in Japan!

Love Notes

Love Notes is an idol cosplay and performance troupe based out of Austin, TX. Love Notes originally came together back in May of 2015 and then decided to host a panel and officially debuted at Anime Overload 2015. Little did we know back then where that panel would take us.

Since then we have attended and performed at fifteen conventions and events all across Texas. Love Notes dedicated the year of 2016 to the idol group Muse from the series Love Live while this year, 2017, will be dedicated to the idol group Aqours.

We hope you continue to support us as we continue to grow into better performers!

Tea Team

We are a three member cosplay group based in central Texas that formed one year ago, with our first convention together being IKKiCON! We love to dance and entertain, and we’re excited to be a part of your IKKiCON experience!

Pafait Party

Parfait Party is Kira Kira Entertainment’s first ever idol duo! The group aims to promote idol culture with a retro flair, taking inspiration from popular idols of the 1980’s to the early 2000’s! Members Martha and Momo hope to entertain you with their multi-layered talents and personalities, and look forward to making their concert debut at IKKiCON’s Texas Idol Festival!

Hanran Hime

Hanran Hime is an Austin-based dance group! We’ve been on the con scene as far as dancing as a group for almost 2 years. Our main focus is J-pop and K-pop, we even choreograph our own dances too. We consist of 5 people: Neko, Bambiii, Kayla, Megan and Moni. We love what we do, and we’re a direct hit to your heart! <3


My name is Bobbi, my friends call me Bobs. I go to San Antonio College and I am the current president of a group called The Asian Pop Society. I love dancing, it’s a way I express myself through more than just words! (and it’s great exercise!) I am in the process of dancing as a soloist while still promoting my group. This is my first panel as a soloist, so I hope I do well!~