Meet Fadeworks & BuriedAliens!

Fadeworks and BuriedAliens_News

Hold onto your seats because we’ve got another awesome announcement for you!

We’re proud to reveal the cosplay duo Fadeworks & Buried Aliens will be joining us at IKKiCON 14!!!

Buried Aliens has been cosplaying since 2012, spreading his talents across fandoms. A former theater buff, his skills in fabric manipulation, foam work and make-up have won him awards in both design and cosplay contests.

Fadeworks is a multi-award winning cosplayer who’s been at it since 2013. She’s a passionate gamer who loves bringing her favorite characters to life and trying out knew techniques to add to her knowledge of crafting.

This cosplay couple began working together with a few photoshoots in late 2018 and have solidified as a duo since beginning their relationship.

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