Free Sentai Filmworks Bags!

Dec 4, 2016 by

Sentai Filmworks will be coming out to IKKiCON for the first time, and is set to make a huge impact New Years weekend. You will have to wait for all the details but we are able to announce that (while supplies last) everyone who Pre-Registers for IKKiCON will be given a Backpack Style Sentai Filmworks bag. Who can get a bag? The only way you can receive a bag is to be Pre-Registered for the convention on or before December 17th. If you’re receiving a complimentary pass you will be ineligible to receive a bag. We are only being sent a certain number of bags (more than typical Pre-Registration number in years past). As such in the unlikely circumstance that we have more Pre-Registrations than bags you may not receive a bag nor will...

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More Guests Are Coming

Nov 28, 2016 by

Yesterday we made a Guest Announcement, and today we have a few more! We are delighted to have Tia Ballard is a voice actress, and hasn’t been to IKKiCON in several years. We also have Twinzik(returning to Austin since Anime Overload) with their ever expanding cosplay wisdom, and will be again be one for the judges for the Cosplay Contest. We also wanted to re-introduce you to another set of twin cosplayers, Twin Cosplay(They were announce a while ago.). The talent pool keeps getting more and more exciting! Still more the come, read more about everyone announce and more on the Guest...

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Guests Announcement

Nov 27, 2016 by

We have 3 guests to announce with more still to come really soon! Returning to IKKiCON is not just a Voice Actore, but an accomplished DJ to boot. Also making his return is Voice Actor/Director Chris Ayres. Making her debut to Austin is Voice Actress Erica Schoeder! We are very happy to have everyone join us over the New Year! You can read more about all guests announced on the Guest...

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Saki Tachibana BABY Designer

Nov 12, 2016 by

In a recent post we announced Baby, The Stars Shine Bright is returning to IKKiCON this year as well as a new designer from the company. We are pleased to announce  Saki Tachibana will be joining us for her first time to the Texas.  We are excited to have her, and even more to introduce her to you. Saki Tachibana studied pattern making in fashion design school, and she began working at BABY, The Stars Shine Bright while still a student. Many of her designs draw inspiration from fairy tales, black cats, and other magical themes. Saki’s designs are elegant yet still cute and sweet parts of BABY’s collections. With her first overseas fashion show at AnimeNEXT in the US, she has also attended events in China and at Japan Expo in Paris. (BSSB) is...

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