Information about Programming at IKKiCON is in the works. Please check back regularly for updates.

Featured Events:

Gaming: Can’t sleep? Don’t worry about late night boredom! At IKKiCON, we offer 24 hour gaming, including console and table-top gaming rooms. Always busy, this is a great opportunity to make new friends and unlock the “Stay Up 3 Days Straight” achievement!

Screening Rooms: Need to catch up on your anime consumption? Want to find some new potential favorites? Hang out in one of our 24 hour screening rooms. Just, please, no napping! Snoring is so disruptive!

AMV Contest: Love to make music videos? Submit one (or more) for our Anime Music Video contest!

Cosplay: Compete in our Cosplay Contest, as well as learn in our numerous panels and workshops; we have something for everyone!

Dances: Love to dance? We host a dance until at least 2AM on Saturday. Bring your glow sticks and make sure you’re hydrated!

Panels/Workshops: From early Friday until 5PM Sunday, we offer panels and workshops throughout. We offer panels and workshops on a wide range of topics, from Q&As with guests to How To’s for making props. We have something for every attendee!

And more!