babyapaiasLolita Fashion is an expression of the self through clothing that defies the conventions of contemporary society.

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The Lolita Fashion show is by internationally famous Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and will feature their line all the from Tokyo, Japan.

Fashion Show starts 2pm Saturday

baby-heart (BSSB) is established in 1988 by Akinori Isobe. The brand features “Lolita clothes that make you think like you are a princess and make you ‘cute’ and ‘beautiful,’ ” providing clothes that has both pretty and elegant. The movie “下妻物語 (Kamikaze girls,)” which BABY did the costume coordination, was a big hit that made the Lolita fashion famous. In 2007, BABY produced its sister brand “ALICE and the PIRATES.” Its concept is “what if Alice in wonderland happens to step into the world of pirates?” and it features clothes with unique concept in detail. BABY opened its branch in Paris in 2007, San Francisco in 2009, and New York in 2014. BABY also participate at several conventions overseas and holding fashion events. Besides, BABY holds a Lolita tea party every year since 2011, and start doing the same event in Shanghai from 2014. BABY is the leading brand in Lolita fashion brand and continue to glow in domestic and oversea.