$40 Pre-Reg JUNE 9th, 2017
$45 Pre-Reg September 29th, 2017
$50 Pre-Reg November 26th, 2017
$55 Pre-Reg December 15th, 2017

Pre-registration Membership Badges cover all three days, all panels, concerts, performances and a host of other activities. On-site registration allows for purchase of registration for each day as well, not just weekend badges.

Premium Membership Upgrade Prices




  +$40 Premium Until Nov. 26, 2017
 +$85 Premium Plus Until Nov 26th, 2017

NOTE: Does not include the initial registration price and not available for on-site purchase.

On-Site Registration Prices


Membership Type

$60 Weekend Membership
$50 Saturday-Sunday Membership
$40 Friday Membership Only
$45 Saturday Membership Only
$35 Sunday Membership only
$20 Children Ages 7 to 11
$0 Children 6 and Under

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The following are NOT covered with your basic membership fee:

  • Some Tournament Gaming sessions, including console gaming
  • Certain Autographs as decided by each guest
  • Any specific Ichiban & Premium benefits as addressed HERE
  • Any specific benefits that require additional compensation such as Maid Cafe entry

Early Registration is your last chance at a discounted pass. Your badge will not have a badge name included on it.

Method of Payment

Pre-Registration and Early Registration are limited to payment via credit card using Eventbrite. However you may purchase On-site Registration via cash & credit card.

Badge Transferring

We no longer allow transfers of any kind for all memberships; this includes transfers from one person to another and transfers to future conventions.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for any memberships. If you cannot attend the convention after you’ve pre-registered, transferring your Membership is not allowed. Your purchase is a membership badge; it is up to you to obtain the badge and attend.

NOTE: We do not mail out badges. Simply put, things get lost in the mail; therefore, you must show in person to obtain your membership badge. You will need to go to the registration desk and pick up your badge. Please remember to bring a photo ID. Bringing your confirmation sheet from your pre-registration quickens the badge pick-up process.

NOTE: All perks are subject to change at anytime without warning. We make every effort to maintain the perks, but things do happen to change this.

How do I register?

  1. You can pre-register online via the LINK.
  2. You can register on-site at IKKiCON.

Picking up Your Pre-Reg Badge

IKKiCON will not mail your badge if you pre-register. You must pick up your badge at the Registration Desk during convention hours. There will be a Pre-Registration line and a Separate Premium line that will have your badge collated by LAST NAME. You must have a copy of your Eventbrite e-mail confirmation (preferred), Eventbrite confirmation via the Eventbrite app, or a state or school issued photo ID.

Registration Desk

Need to know where to find the registration desk? Check out our handy floorplan maps of the convention. This will show you where Registration will be located, as well as all of the other awesome activities at IKKiCON!

Registration Hours: (subject to change at anytime without notice)

  • Thursday 7PM-9PM
  • Firday 9AM-9PM
  • Saturday 9AM-9PM
  • Sunday 9AM-3PM

Group Rate Discounts

Group rates are $4 off the current membership price. A group is 10 or more people purchasing at one time. Please email for inquiries.

Children’s Memberships Policy

Children 11 and under can attend with a discounted child membership as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian with an IKKiCON membership.

Questions Regarding Pre-Registration and On-Site Registration

If you have any questions regarding Pre-Registration and On-Site Registration that are not answered here, please email

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