V.I.P. Perks

Our VIP Memberships allows certain benefits above that of the normal IKKiCON Membership.

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Silver VIP Membership

Additional $25 with Pre-Registration.
Only available for Pre-Registration.

Early entry into Exhibitors Hall

  • Every morning our Exhibitors Hall will open for 30 minutes just for our VIP, giving them the opportunity to be the first to buy that special item.

Advanced Seating

  • This allows any V.I.P. in to our Main Events room up to 20 minutes before any event.

Convention Shirt

  • You will receive an official IKKiCON shirt for no additional charge.

Gold VIP Membership

Limited: 150
Additional  $50 cost with Pre-Registration.

Silver VIP Perks

  • All perks listed under Silver VIP are also available to Gold VIP Members.

Special Autograph Session

  • A special autograph session for VIP Gold/Platinum members only will be scheduled for your convenience.

Goody Bag

  • Be the cool kid at the anime con with your very own Goody Bag.


Platinum VIP Membership

Additional  $80 cost with Pre-Registration.

Gold/Silver VIP Perks

  • All perks listed under Silver/Gold VIP are also available to Platinum VIP Members.


  • Enjoy a mixer with Special Guests including catered hors d’oeuvres (time to be announced on website and in program).

Collector’s Edition IKKiCON Poster

  • One of our talented artist have designed a poster that is ONLY available with this VIP level or higher.

Official Collector’s IKKiCON Item

  • Only our Platinum Members will receive their own collectors gift!
Note: We do not offer additional discounts on our VIP Memberships, such as Group Discounts. All perks are subject to change at anytime without warning.

Upgrading from a Weekend membership you have already purchased

First, you will need to inquire with our Registration Manager at registration@ikkicon.com. Then, you will be sent a special link where you can purchase your transfer. The link is available for one week, or until your purchase has gone through, at which time the link will be immediately closed.

The cost of upgrading your IKKiCON membership badge is based on the difference in the current V.I.P. membership price and what you paid at the time you pre-registered. V.I.P. memberships are limited, and upgrading for a weekend membership is subject to availability.

All upgrade requests must be made by Saturday November 29th, 2014. No upgrade requests will be processed after that time.

Please note, if the V.I.P. Badge you are interested in upgrading to is sold out, you will not be able to complete the upgrade process. In addition, once a badge has been picked up, that badge is not to be transferred to another person during the convention.

V.I.P. Upgrade FAQ’s

How do I upgrade  to a V.I.P. badge?

  • Simply go to the Pre-Register Now! page and purchase it along with your order!