Premium Membership Perks

Our Premium Memberships allows certain benefits above that of the normal IKKiCON Membership.
Only available for Pre-Registration. (Ends November 28, 2015)

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Early entry into Exhibitors Hall

  • Every morning our Exhibitors Hall will open for 30 minutes just for our VIP, giving them the opportunity to be the first to buy that special item.

Advanced Seating

  • Premium Members will have their own line to get into main events programming first.

Convention Shirt

  • You will receive an official IKKiCON shirt for no additional charge.

Collectors Poster

  • Receive a collectors poster for this years event

Goody Bag

  • Be the cool kid at the anime con with your very own Goody Bag.

 Exclusive Registration Line

  • Skip the line and go to your own VIP Registration Line

Premium Perks

  • All perks listed under Premium Membership


  • Enjoy a mixer with Special Guests including catered hors d’oeuvres (time to be announced on website and in program).

Official Collector’s IKKiCON Item

  • Only our Platinum Members will receive their own collectors gift!
Note: We do not offer additional discounts on our Premium Memberships, such as Group Discounts. All perks are subject to change at anytime without warning.