IKKiCON is excited to announce the latest guest announcement to take on IKKiCON. And I’m sure it’ll have many of you excited! We welcome the artist and composer, BIGHEAD, to take the stage at IKKiCON. Made famous from his work with lady Gaga and Hatsune Miku Expo is sure to thrill and delight with his […]Continue reading


Blake Shepard and Luci Christian are heading to IKKiCON for the first time! We hope you are excited about having them as they are about seeing each and everyone of you. Both are extremely talented and have years of experience. Blake Shepard has working the industry since 2003 working for ADV Films, Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, […]Continue reading


Hey there con-goers! This coming April, IKKiCON’s top brass will be visiting Tokyo and we need your help in making a better IKKiCON. This is something that we’ve done in the past and found it vital to foster the convention’s strong relations with the Japanese industry. But this time we’re looking to shake things up […]Continue reading


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