I would like to take a moment and announce some more of our amazing  Cosplay Guests. Today we are announcing our final two Cosplay Guests, and Contest Judges! We want to take a moment to welcome three amazing cosplayers to the IKKiCON family. Teca is an award winning cosplayer who has been cosplaying for over […]Continue reading


Today we are announcing the Cosplay Guests, and Contest Judges! We welcome who some refer to as a Japanese cosplay legend, and the others is a cosplay power couple with an enormous amount of talent. All the judges have won several awards for their unique talents all over, and will be hosting panels where you […]Continue reading


Hey there con-goers! This coming April, IKKiCON’s top brass will be visiting Tokyo and we need your help in making a better IKKiCON. This is something that we’ve done in the past and found it vital to foster the convention’s strong relations with the Japanese industry. But this time we’re looking to shake things up […]Continue reading


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