World Cosplay Summit

Jul 11, 2014 by

We have agreed to participate as the Gulf Qualifier for the World Cosplay Summit(WCS)! We can not wait to see all the amazing costumes everyone has in store for us.


About WCS

The World Cosplay Summit, more commonly referred to as WCS, was launched in 2003 by the events department of Japanese television station TV Aichi to promote an international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga, anime and Japanese video games. The event began in 2004 and has been held annually since, with participants hailing from countries like Japan, the United States, Brazil, France, Italy, and more.

World Cosplay Summit is a week to two week event held every year in Nagoya, Japan. It is a pageant that allows cosplayers from around the world to come together in a true showcase of talent and love for the hobby. Participating cosplayers form a team of two people to represent their country in a mixture of Parades, Interviews, and a final Championship performance. The performance is done in front of a live audience while simultaneously being broadcast on Japanese television via TV Aichi, with additional press coverage all over the world.

To be chosen as a representative each country has a different process, some host a single preliminary while others host qualifying rounds leading up to a final in-country championship to select the representatives. The United States hold several qualifying rounds at many conventions throughout the country before choosing a finalist at one final convention.

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