Get a glimpse of what IKKiCON is all about at Preview Night. Starts at 6 PM the Thursday leading up to the convention. Badge pickup will also be available for those who want to get their badge early.

IKKiCON’s Anime Lounge offers quite a few benefits for just about any attendee. If you are in need of a place to unwind your thoughts or rather your feet for a while the Anime Lounge can assist collect yourself. While you wait, please charge your device or check out our Manga Library.

IKKiCON’s ArĊ£ Show has collected an abundance of talent on display for your viewing pleasure. All pieces can be bid on in a silent auction, then will be auctioned live.

Critical hit gaming is here for you for all your console gaming needs. Come play till your heart’s content with the return of Late Night Gaming. Signup for tournaments for all your favorite fighting and battle games.

Want to test your problem-solving mettle? Want to absolutely memelord your way out of a sticky situation?
Come find Everbrush Ent. will be running three escape rooms that are free to play for all con attendees! Bring a group of 8 to 12, or hop in line to get paired with other con-goers.

Love to sign? You’re gonna love the IKKiCON Karaoke Room! This year is better than ever and will rock your socks off!

Take a look at anime car culture, straight from the fans themselves. Get acquainted with Itasha and the automotive enthusiasts who bring fandom to the streets.

Photo Ops is your opportunity to have your picture taken by a professional in front of several different backdrops. Wanna take self video, feel free to use our backdrops to shoot a TikTok or whatever you feel like.

Get a glimpse of hot new board games, how to paint miniatures, or come and play social games with friends! Join Anthropos, Tropical Heat Studios, and Game Kastle for a weekend packed full of tutorials, demos, and industry insight.

Yokai Night is adult-only programming Friday night of IKKiCON starting at 8 PM. Festivities include; Yokai Market (18+ Dealer Room), Drag Show, Burlesque, Cosplay Swim Suit Contest, Hentai Viewing, and more! The night concludes with the AFTERPARTY DANCE brought to you by our Guests, Cosplay Deviants.