IKKiCON is a Japanese Animation and Pop-Culture Convention held annually in Austin, Texas. IKKiCON traditionally runs for three days near the beginning and/or end of the calendar year.

IKKiCON will have a number of events to enjoy, including but not limited to, karaoke, gaming, anime music videos, dances, live music, cosplay contests, a dealers’ room, an artists’ alley and art show.

IKKiCON registration begins at 9 am in the morning with content starting around 10 am and runs late into the night along with our dances.

IKKiCON was originally in February and we intend to host IKKiCON around the same time frame in the future.

There are a few places you’ll need your photo ID while at IKKiCON. If you do not have a photo ID we suggest you get one as it will make attending this convention a much smoother process for you.

  1. Registration
    • If you’ve pre-registered you’ll need to bring either your Eventbrite e-mail confirmation, your photo ID, or a school ID with your name that matches the Eventbrite membership on it to pick up your badge. If your parent(s) are attending IKKiCON with you they can present their ID in order to claim your membership badge if they purchased the membership(s).
  2. Checking into the Hotel
    • The Hotel requires a government issued photo ID when checking into your room. The name on your ID must match the name on your reservation.
  3. Attending 18+ Programming
    • We will have safety team members at every door for our 18+ programming. They will check to see that you have a valid badge, as well as a photo ID proving you are 18+.

Our primary demographic is the 15 to 25 age range, but we’ve seen anime fans of all ages attending IKKiCON.

Dropping your kids off is your choice as a parent or guardian. We have our own safety staff and hired out security at various times but are not responsible for the well-being of any attendee on-site at IKKiCON. In short, IKKiCON, its staff, volunteers, and affiliates are not babysitters. Children 11 and younger with a children’s membership badge will not be allowed in convention areas that require a membership badge unless they are accompanied by an adult that also has a membership badge.

While inside the Hotel, there is no specific curfew, but once outside of the IKKiCON floor plan, you must abide by Austin, TX’s juvenile curfew. For more information, visit: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us.

Cameras are typically allowed all throughout IKKiCON with the exception of the video rooms. If this policy is changed, you will be informed in the program guide, as well as at the event.

You can check out the IKKiCON group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

We’re always looking for more folks that want to help us put together this amazing Japanese Culture and Animation Convention. There are two options for getting involved.

  • Join our Staff
    • To see if we have any staff openings check out our staff page.
  • Volunteer
    • To see more about volunteering opportunities visit our volunteer page.

We host Anime CTX. We’re also working on hosting monthly events in Austin to celebrate our mutual love of anime. As that project develops more we’ll post more content in the news section as well as forum section of the IKKiCON website.

IKKiCON will be held at the Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard  Austin  Texas  78759  USA.

[df_advanced_gmaps latitude=”30.391760″ longitude=”-97.749922″ address=”Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard Austin Texas 78759 USA” draggable=”true” zoom_control=”true” height=”300″ zoom=”15″]

You can park at the Renaissance Austin or nearby parking locations.

Check out our hotel information page for all hotel room booking information.

You are not required to book a hotel room at the Renaissance Austin but it would be extremely beneficial if you did. When hosting a convention at a location with hotel rooms the convention is typically required to reach a certain number of room nights. The bigger the convention the more room nights you’re required to fill. By reserving a hotel room at the Renaissance Austin during the convention dates you’re helping IKKiCON! Plus if you can’t sleep you are a very short elevator ride away from a ton of 24 hour programming, such as our gaming and video rooms!

The most likely cause is the IKKiCON Room Rate wasn’t applied when booking the room. Be sure to use the correct link if booking online or call the hotel directly.

Sleeping in inappropriate areas like hotel staff rooms or panel rooms is grounds to be ejected from IKKiCON. Similarly the hotel will not tolerate IKKiCON attendees sleeping in the lobby, stairwells, or floors. If you are attending IKKiCON make sure you have a place to sleep!

The Renaissance Austin will be the best place to keep up-to-date on when the pool will be opened or closed. We’re hoping it will be open but cannot make any guarantees.

Yes. The Renaissance Austin has a number options for you to choose from. Please check out their website for more information. Also check out our merchandise booth, the OtakuMart, to fill up on Pocky, Ramune, and other Japanese treats! Want us to sell specific Japanese snacks and drinks? Email merchandise@ikkicon.com.

The Renaissance Austin has proved several water stations throughout the convention areas for your convenience and hydration.

We understand that childcare would be extremely convenient so we made it happen! That’s right, head on over to our Family Service page to learn more information on what we have to offer in the form of childcare and children’s related programming.

We do not sponsor any IKKiCON room parties.


You can visit our Guests page for a complete list of confirmed guests.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to announce any potential guests. There are a number of reasons we feel this would be inappropriate, including potentially starting rumors or leading to confusion among the attendees. We do not want to disappoint anyone, especially our attendees!

We always want to know who you want at IKKiCON. Send us an email at info@ikkicon.com

It is equal parts magic and mayhem! Seriously though, we have a dedicated Guest Relations team led by Mr. Ken Wallen, the guest guru!

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a guest. First IKKiCON decides who would be the best fit for the convention; we look at their body of work, their work at previous conventions, and how much the fans enjoy their interactions with the guest. At times, relevance to our “main” theme may be a factor, as well. Second we look at our available budget; we typically try to have around 12 guests including Industry Guests, Musical Guests, Cosplay Guests, and Artists. Third we look to see if the guest available and if we have a direct way to contact them; availability is typically one of the more complicated factors since these awesome guests stay pretty busy!

We do not feel it is appropriate to discuss matters such as payment via any public forum. Information like this is strictly between IKKiCON and its guests.

If you’d like to volunteer, you’ll need to fill out our Volunteer Form. That being said, The Guest Relations Team is typically fully manned. There is a chance you will not be able to work Guest Relations the first time you request that volunteer opportunity.

Feel free to email our Guest Relations department at guests@ikkicon.com

Exhibitors & Advertising

While we tend to have more 15 – 25 year-olds at IKKiCON, we truly get a wide variety of attendees.

Yes. We will be periodically checking the Dealers’ Room for items that are prohibited, which are:

  1. Food/Drinks
  2. Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs

Yes there is! Check out our advertising page for that info!

We’ll have at least one table near the Information Desk dedicated to flyers.

We do offer registration bags! Please check out our advertising page for the cost to place flyers in our bags.


IKKiCON will have a number of events to enjoy, including but not limited to, karaoke, gaming, anime music videos, dances, live music, cosplay contests, and more!

IKKiCON registration begins early in the morning with content starting shortly after and runs late into the night. Our dances typically go till at least 2 AM and our gaming and video rooms run 24 hours.

You can always suggest any guests you want to see by emailing guests@ikkicon.com. Some guests are harder to get or even impossible confirm. In the end may be factors beyond our control.

We’ll be opening up the applications for panel submissions. Please check back soon!

No. 18+ content is for attendees who are 18 year’s old and older.

While it’s great that you want to attend both panels, unfortunately we cannot change the schedule once it’s been set.