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    Hey IKKiCON fans, we have some exciting news! We have collaborated with IN CONTROL CLOTHING to bring you an amazing T-Shirt with a design on every inch of the shirt! You can purchase this shirt from the OtakuMart on the lobby level during IKKiCON. In Control Clothing is a Texas-based fashion brand that in heavily inspired by Japanese […]Continue reading

    IKKiCON hosted its first annual summer convention called AnimeCTX, and introduced an overwhelmingly successful IDOL FESTIV@L. The event featured performing idol groups, giveaways, and more. Now we are bringing that same excitement to a much larger stage with the WINTER IDOL FESTIV@L. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION. The Winter IDOL FESTIV@L is being hosted in association […]Continue reading


    What do you get when you mix a magician, a beater, a potential savior of mankind, and literally the spawn of Satan himself? Wow, never thought I’d be asking that specific of a question before, but it’s Bryce Papenbrook! That’s right, Bryce Papenbrook is coming to IKKiCON! No, I don’t think you folks understand. He’s […]Continue reading


    Blake Shepard and Luci Christian are heading to IKKiCON for the first time! We hope you are excited about having them as they are about seeing each and everyone of you. Both are extremely talented and have years of experience. Blake Shepard has working the industry since 2003 working for ADV Films, Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, […]Continue reading


    More Opportunities For Artists Every year we try to introduce innovative ideas, and structure in every aspect of the convention. Our goal in regards to artists is to offer more opportunities than imaginable. At this time we currently have approximately 50 Artist Alley tables, and 30 possible panels in the Art Show. Increasing artists is […]Continue reading


    Too early to plan your New Year’s? NOT IF YOU’RE A PANELIST! You asked, and we listened. IKKiCON panel submissions are now OPEN! Impress us with you panel ideas and get early confirmation. Start planning your winter cosplay now for your favorite anime convention, IKKiCON! We can’t wait to hear from you! Click HERE to […]Continue reading


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