IKKiCON Cosplay Contest

IKKiCON Welcomes you to our Cosplay section, we would like to first introduce you to SanctuaryMemories our cosplay coordinator for this year.  SanctuaryMemories is a Louisiana native and has been active in the cosplay community for fourteen years, loves lime green, sleeping, chocolate, and idols. Together with her cosplay partner, they make up the cosplay group “Cute Classy Chaos” and run several cosplay departments for various conventions and host panels on numerous cosplay topics. Along with having several awards under her belt, she was also part of the Wild Card Team in the World Cosplay Summit Midwestern Qualifier 2014! In her spare time, SanctuaryMemories is constantly thinking of her next cosplay endeavor. The fastest way to her heart is with “kirakira”, mocha frapes, and crème brulee. She’s super excited to be here and bring you an awesome show this year!

Cosplay Contest Sign-Ups Are Now CLOSED!