Anthony Bowling


Anthony Bowling has been working as a voice actor for Funimation since 2014 and performed in and directed many of their shows since then. Some of his more notable characters are Beets (Dragonball Super:Broly), New Zealand (Hetalia), Alciel (The Devil is a Part-Timer), Seiya (Cautious Hero), Chronostasis (My Hero Academia), Yuka (Fairy Tail) and Ukyo (Samurai 7) as well as voicing Grouse in the video game Borderlands 3. He has directed shows such as One Piece, Date A Live S3, Mix:Meisei Story and Yu-No, which can all be seen at He is thrilled to be here and get the opportunity to meet so many fans.

For a full list of his credits you can check out his website or check out his twitter feed @Bowling4day.