Fadeworks & BuriedAliens

Fadeworks & BuriedAliens

About FadeWorks and BuriedAliens…

BuriedAliens has been cosplaying to cons since 2012, spanning characters from Marvel, video games, and anime. He utilizes skills in costume design from his theatre days to incorporate into cosplay, including and not limited to patterning from scratch and sewing, foam work, wig styling, and makeup. He has won awards for design and cosplay contests.

Fadeworks is a multi-award winning cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2013. She’s always had a passion for gaming and loves to bring her favorite characters to life. Through her character inspirations she’s learned many crafts including 3D modeling, foam fabrication, wig styling, sewing, leatherworking and more. She loves spending time learning new techniques and expanding her knowledge of all her crafts.

The duo started doing photoshoots together in late 2018, and solidified their cosplay team once they became a couple. Cosplaying all of their favorite characters together, Fadworks and BuriedAliens spend lots of their free time crafting current projects together and designing future projects.

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