Ithileryn is an award-winning and published cosplayer and photographer from Denton, Texas. While always drawn to makeup, hair styling, costuming, and performance from a professional dance background along with her fascination with video games, anime, and fantasy genre lore, it was inevitable that she would discover cosplay! Since 2017, she has hand-made, tailored, and modeled dozens of costumes. Her specialties include makeup artistry, wig styling, patterning, sewing, photography, and set design, and she is well known for emulating characters’ physicality and mannerisms, bringing them to life. She has been featured in multiple cosplay magazines including the cover feature of Cosplay Realm Magazine‚Äôs Holiday issue and a special Avatar issue for Creative Cosplay Magazine, as well as been featured in online cosplay and nerd journals, such as Kotaku, Dexerto, CBR, and many more. Her most notable cosplays include Jinx (League of Legends), Elizabeth (BioShock), Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), and Raven (Teen Titans), however, she cosplays from many sources, including anime, film, television, cartoons, comics, and videogames, along with creating her own original concepts and designs.