Sparkle Motion

About Sparkle Motion…

Long-time cosplay duo SPARKLE MOTION consists of RYNN from Chicago, IL, and SUMIKINS from Portland, OR. Working together since 2007, they’ve never let the two time-zones separating them stand in their way. A pair of jack-of-all-trades, these two have created upwards of 50 costumes each and have experience in everything from garment construction and fabric manipulation, to wig styling, armor building, jewelry making, and extensive experience in performance. Collectively, they’ve earned dozens of awards for performance and craftsmanship at conventions around the country, and have represented the USA in World Cosplay Summit 2010, CICAF 2017 and Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4) 2019. In their adventures abroad, they also became the first US Team to place second overall at CICAF and C4. Both girls have a soft spot for the Texas cosplay scene and are excited for the chance to visit again!

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