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Zoevolf Cosplay

My name is Zoe and I am a certified tailor, corset maker and a cosplayer with a decade of experience.
Over the years I’ve been participating in international competitions, attended dozens of conventions and have been a passionate cosplay enthusiast since my teenage years. I have been an active part of the geek and cosplay community around the world, working as a panellist and being invited as a featured talent to cosplay conventions around the globe.
Today I focus on creating costumes for myself and other people, running an Etsy store and creating around 200 costume commissions a year. My main focus as a cosplay creator goes into tailoring and specifically into bespoke corsetry. I am more than happy to work on panels dedicated to tailoring for any level of the skills or corsetry in particular. The fact I am a tailor helps me to understand the making of costumes better, and I am happy to offer my skills for conventions as a contest judge or a part of a featured talent league.
The second important part of who I am as a cosplayer is being a cosplay model, and focusing on creating outfits and pictures for myself. I make around 30 costumes a year for myself, and enjoy portraying all of my characters. This is a big part of what I am sharing online, and I am more than happy to talk about that side of things, sharing my ways of planning things, organising such different work sides together etc.