Cosplay Guest Announcement

Cosplay Web Post

Today we are announcing the Cosplay Guests, and Contest Judges! We welcome who some refer to as a Japanese cosplay legend, and the others is a cosplay power couple with an enormous amount of talent. All the judges have won several awards for their unique talents all over, and will be hosting panels where you can soak in knowledge from all facets of cosplay.

Malindachan is a multi time publicated cosplayer, and comes to us from Chicago with expertise in wig styling, performances, and crafting. Malinda looks forward to examining all your cosplays in the contest and instructing panels for those who wish to learn.

Ex-Shadow(aka Kyle) has nearly a decade and a half of cosplay wisdom, and the images alone speak for themselves. Kyle specializes in mascots, armor, and props, but he’s no stranger to sewing either. When he isn’t showing you how to improve your own cosplays, he will be inspecting your masterpieces at the IKKiCON Cosplay Contest.

Coming from Tokyo, Japan, we welcome the renowned cosplayer know as Goldy! Little can be said about the mysterious nature of Goldy, but the awards won all over the world for his spectacular armor builds speak for themselves. This master of the art also regularly teaches workshops in Akihabara, Tokyo and will be sharing his knowledge in panels throughout the convention weekend. You won’t want to miss it!


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