Meet the Mascot

Riot Square Post

She was first illustrated by Daniel Fu nearly 11 years ago he submitted in a forum post(back when those were still a thing). We chose the name Riot shortly after we named her Riot. Amelia Belcher did a few illustrations and set a new standard for quality that Riot had to meet. Amelia was an artist on the rise and with a web comic she had a lot on her plate.

The artist known as Ghostfire did exceptional renditions for many years. Riot went from went through several different incarnations from steampunk to detective and more.  After 5+ years of artwork, it was time for us to go in a new direction with Riot.

IKKiCON was going through a rejuvenation, and it was time that Riot did as well. The artist behind Miho Stuidos started illustrating Riot after IKKiCON 10th annual event and brought new depth to IKKiCON’s mascot. You can meet the artist in person at her booth in the Exhibit Hall.

We are very happy with the work Miho Studios has done with Riot, and look forward to seeing what comes next.

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