More Opportunities For Artists

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More Opportunities For Artists

Every year we try to introduce innovative ideas, and structure in every aspect of the convention. Our goal in regards to artists is to offer more opportunities than imaginable. At this time we currently have approximately 50 Artist Alley tables, and 30 possible panels in the Art Show. Increasing artists is not the answer as it will just decrease the value.

So, what are we doing? First, the Artist Alley. While we humbly respect and appreciate artists who have supported us for many years, we feel it is time to make a change. After the next IKKiCON we will no longer accept artists on a first come first serve basis, instead we are shifting to juried system. Our objective is to achieve a certain caliber, variety, and opportunity for attendees and artists alike.

Starting immediately the Art Show is having a less impactful, but more meaningful innovation. We are lowering the entry fee for 4’x4’ panels and 3’ table for 3D art for $5 each and 10% of final sales. This will decrease financial risk on the artist while hopefully intriguing new and inspiring artists to exhibit their talents.

Additionally, a select few artists who are favorable by attendees in the Art Show, and Live Auction will be offered the ability to purchase into the Artist Alley bypassing the juried system and ensuring a spot for the following year.

We are just excited to begin moving forward and offering artists these novel opportunities .

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