Welcome to the Amai Maid Cafe, where we bring you A Taste Of Japan with an authentic maid cafe experience! Amai(甘い) is the Japanese word for “sweet” and we do our best to incorporate that taste of sweetness in every event. We will be hosting hourly events where you can join our maids for tea, snacks, and some great performances. Be sure to beat the rush and buy your passes ahead of time!

Cafe Events

This year’s Amai Maid Cafe events are coming! 

Please do not:

  1. …take videos or photos of the cafe or staff at any time.
  2. …touch the maids
  3. …disturb maids or guests
  4. …wait outside for maids or guests
  5. …ask maids for personal info(social media, phone, email, etc.)
  6. …pursue maids to be join your group or separate cafe.
  7. …walking around the cafe, especially during performances.

Please do:

  1. …let us know any food allergies
  2. …take photos of our cute snacks
  3. ..ask questions if you need anything
  4. …have fun!


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