IKiKCON comes to you with a major announcement for our friends and fans. Much has happened over the past year and a half. As the pandemic continues, we know it simply isn’t going away. However, with the rollout of vaccinations along with previously recommended safety guidelines, we believe things will get better. With that in mind, we are cautiously planning to have an event this May 28 – 30,2021 over Memorial Day weekend to be hosted at the brand-new Austin Marriott Downtown in Austin, Texas.

Now, we understand your concerns, and each and every one of us has had the same. However, with that in mind, we are planning a hybrid event that will take place both in-person and online with the help of our partners. Through our new ticketing platform partners, we will be able to host live-streamed events available to ticket holders so that they may attend over our virtual platform and experience the joys of IKKiCON from the comfort of their own homes.

For those that would like to attend in person, we are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible. That includes strict mask enforcement (regardless of state mandates), social distancing, temperature checking, sanitization procedures, and more. Rooms will be set up so that everyone can comfortably be seated in a safe fashion according to CDC and WHO guidelines.

Here are just some of the considerable changes to limit exposure. We have reduced some programming so we can better spread out events on each floor. We are switching to PVC badges without printed names to cut down contact. We will be switching to a completely digital program and schedule. We will have links to full-size guides you will be able to digitally flip through, as well as plenty of signs for your convenience. Ticket prices have been reduced for your benefit. Events will not run late into the evening so that we can fully sanitize each room, in addition to our routine cleanings throughout the day.

But even with all the precautions that we are planning, we understand that things change in America day-by-day and we are closely keeping an eye on the state of the pandemic. So, we are planning the event, but we are planning cautiously in the event that we may need to simply delay the event. Ultimately the safety of the attendees, guests, and staff is our highest priority.