Top 10 Changes Due to the COVID Policy


We have gone through an unprecedented experience but 2021 has shown us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your safety is our number one concern and we’re committed to just that. We have put together a tight policy for COVID safety, but there are some changes that you should know about (besides wearing a face mask), so we decided to make you a quick top 10 list! For more details please read our COVID POLICY. You can find it here.

  1.       Gaming and Card Tournaments

We have done away with free play consoles and tabletop gaming. However, we wanted to keep them in the convention in some way, so we decided that we would have tournaments in their place, with console gaming getting the spotlight on a stage in one of the exhibit halls.

  1.       Chairs Spaced Apart

Chairs in Main Events and Main Programming rooms will be spaced six feet apart 2 at a time. That way couples, roommates, etc. can have the opportunity to sit with one another.

  1.       Autographs

This is not a drill, there are BIG changes here, our Guests and your safety is our number one priority. First, there will ONLY be 30 people** permitted in an autograph session. Doing this ensures that we do not go over the hour designated to allow for ample time to disinfect the room. For those who make it into the session, this lets you have a more relaxed and quality experience with the guests.

Second, and this one may be a little disappointing, but please remember your well being comes first. Personal items of any kind will not be permitted to be signed at the official Autograph Sessions. In addition, there will be no photos, hugging, or touching of any kind during the official Autograph Session.

 **If we make it through the 30 people before the end of the hour the guests will, at their discretion, move to their personal autograph tables. The signing of personal items or purchasing of signed items is at their discretion and once they have left the autograph room, is NOT a part of the official IKKiCON Autograph Session. 

We will be providing an exclusive convention autograph poster that the guests will sign one by one as it makes its way to the end of the table.

  1.       Registration Prices Marked Down

This decision was not a difficult one as everyone has been affected in some way or another by the pandemic. So, it was decided that we would reduce the price of registration to help alleviate the strain, even if just a little bit.

  1.       Online Only Content and Dance

There will NOT BE AN IN-PERSON DANCE at IKKiCON 2021. In its place will be online only content (explained next) that includes a live streamed virtual dance that we are looking forward to.

After 10 PM (Friday and Saturday) events continue online via TIXR. Every registered attendee will have access to this content. Learn how to access it below.


TIXR Streaming FAQ


Learn how to access online content


 Some select after hours events will have permitted attendance and will be ticketed. Don’t worry, they will be free to attend with your purchased membership. These events are ticketed to ensure we can continue to run all programming smoothly and safely.

  1.       Reduced in-person times

All in-person events start between 9 AM and 11 AM each morning and cut off right at 10 PM. That means the floors will need to be vacated promptly after 10 PM on Friday and Saturday. This gives us time to clean every surface and helps to keep you safe.

Ticketed events will be the only exception after hours.

  1.       Daily Temperature Checks

Before you will be permitted on most of the convention floor you will first need to have your temperature checked daily. If you’re below a low grade fever you will be given an identifying maker to indicate you were checked.

  1.       Badges

This is what we’re really excited about. The attendee badge will be PVC hard plastic for the very first time, and they look absolutely amazing. There will be no names preprinted so our staff will have limited contact with the badge before it is given to you.

  1.       Open Air Travel

For your continued safety, we will be limiting travel between the floors to the use of the escalators. An ADA elevator will be available for those who may have difficulty using the escalators.

  1.   No Printed Materials

For the first time, we will not be providing any printed material such as a schedule and program guide. Instead, we will be putting together what we call the “IKKiCON Companion” that will give you access to the convention app, a pdf version of the schedule, and more. You can find that at


We are looking forward to being able to have our IKKiCON Family back with us, but again your safety is our number one concern. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us by Facebook or using the form found here.