IKKiCON Welcomes Beau Billingslea!

Beau-Billingslea (1)

Hi Amigos! And all 300,000 bounty hunters in the star system. How’re ya’ll doing? And now it’s time for Big Shots the show that tells all about some of the greatest Bounty Hunters. Shucks Howdy!

Today’s show is all about Beau Billingslea, better known as the Black Dog himself. That’s right, you’ll be able to find the one and only voice of Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop roaming the grounds of IKKiCON. Beau has also been known to voice such characters as the Fourth Raikage, A, from Naruto Shippudden; Bear Walken from Gungrave; and even Ogremon from Digimon Adventure. So don’t delay, and get your tickets today so that you too can try your luck at joining the crew of the Bebop.


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