Press Registration Policies

General Policy

Press interested in covering the convention should apply in advance to ensure a badge can be made available to you in time. Approved members of the press will not need to purchase a badge in advance.

Press credentials are subject to the following:

  • All members of the press are to conduct themselves accordingly to listed convention policies. Failure to comply with convention policies can result in having your badge confiscated and the organization you represent may be denied press access in future events.
  • Lost badges will not be replaced.
  • Giving your press badge away to another person is strictly prohibited. Remember, the badge you were assigned is for you and you alone.
  • Approaching Guests of Honor for interviews and photographs outside of allotted times without permission from a Director is strictly prohibited.

Violation of any rules and policies may result in the confiscation of your Press badge and may hinder future applications from the organization you represent.

How do i get a Press pass?

Please take the time to read the requirements for Press applications carefully. If your application is found to be missing any required details then the application may be rejected or delayed.

Qualifications for press may include, but are not limited to:

  • Must be a member of a news or press outlet that has existed for two or more years.
  • If news organization is internet based then you must be able to provide a link to traffic statistics if requested.
  • Personal blogs and Photography sites will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • High School or College students are encouraged to apply if you belong to the school paper, or a similar organization. However, we do require a letter on an official school letterhead from your editor or school supervisor/advisor detailing the applicant’s intent.
  • If you have Received a Press badge the previous year and the organization you represented did not cover the convention then your application will be denied.
  • All organizations that have received a Press badge the previous year will have their organizations reviewed for coverage verification.
  • Each person attending on behalf of the press organization will have to fill out the application individually.

Submitting a request for a Press badge is simply that, a request. It does not guarantee that you will receive a Press badge.

The total number of press badges allotted for each year is a limited amount and as such it is possible that not everyone from an individual press organization will be approved.

What does a Press pass get me?

Privileges provided by Press Pass during the convention

  • One 3-Day pass for the listed applicant which will allow you access to all events, panels, and the public convention areas.
  • Allows early entry into certain events. (A list of events will be provided prior to the convention)
  • Pre-approved (though, not guaranteed) scheduled interviews with guests.
  • VIP/Priority seating area during main events or certain panels.
  • Press Kit for Media/Press approved applicants.

Privileges NOT provided by Press Pass during the convention.

  • Your Press pass does not provide you with a free hotel room..
  • Your Press pass does not provide you with free travel to the convention.
  • Your pass does not provide you with free food during the duration of the convention.
  • Your pass does not allow for preferential treatment during autograph sessions.
  • Your pass does not allow you to access private convention areas including private sections of the hotel.

Please Please Please plan accordingly for the convention.

Now what?

After you’ve completed your application, you and your editor will receive an email once the application has been reviewed. After confirming with your editor, or in the case of student organizations your supervisor/adviser, and the application has been approved you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I get my badge?

You will receive instructions on where to pick up your Press badge in your confirmation email.

To receive your badge, you will need to bring your government issued identification.

Your Press badge must be carried on your person at all times while on the convention floor. Without your Press badge you will not be able to access the convention, including Press seating at select events.

We appreciate your interest in covering the convention and hope to see you this year!

Please Note:
After the convention, we may request a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records. Failure to provide a copy may hinder future applications.

Failure to comply with Press Policies may result in revocation of your Press badge.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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