Staff Listing

This is the IKKiCON  staff listing. Positions that have yet to be filled will have an Apply Now! link next to them.

Convention Chairman Michael Loredo
Vice-Chair Ken Wallen
Executive Director Michael Peacock
Logistics Officer Jesus Siller
Assurance Officer  Daniel Millwee
Financial Officer Craig Howlett
Exhibitor Director Steven Curry
Guest Relations Director Kayla Riel
Resources Director Seth Jones
Programming Director Ben Hamby
Marketing Director
Sales Director
Technical Director Scott Huggins
Artist Show Manager Alfred Barajas
Con Ops Manager Brandon Martinez
Cosplay Coordinator  Michelle Hart
Gaming Room Manager  David Fish-house
Courier Manager
Green Room Manager
Maid Cafe Manager  Marty DeSouza
Medical Response Team Manager
Registration Manager Shayne Bachman
Patrol Manager
Photo Suite Manager Film Shooter
Photography Manager Pete Ortaga
Staff Suite Manager Cheryl Quartaro
Street Team Manager
Screening Room Manager Alex Knutson
Volunteer Coordinator Leo Acosta