Panel Submission

Panel submissions for IKKiCON ARE CLOSED!


  • Projectors & Screens
    • Can be hooked up to computers via VGA or HDMI along with 3.5/AUX hookup
    • We can NOT guarantee to have any other cables available
  • Microphones
    • Usually 2 to 4, depending upon the size of the room
  • A table at the front of the room for the panelists as well as chairs
  • Chairs for the attendees (if necessary)
  • Panel rooms are NOT equipped with internet access.
    • We ask Panelists to prepare presentations & screenshots or have access to internet via tethering


  1. To receive a complimentary panelist badge you need to be approved via email. Submitting multiple panels does not guarantee all of them will be approved.
  2. IKKiCON policy is to give one (1) complimentary panelist badge and up to one (1) assistant panelist badge for an approved panel. Multiple panels from the same panelist do not get additional passes, some exceptions can be made. Groups will only receive a maximum of 3 complimentary badges if approved. Groups will only receive 3 complimentary badges if they are approved for multiple panels.
  3. IKKiCON may change the length of the panel that you submit. Please ensure that you check the schedule prior to the event.
  4. Please take into consideration when you are planning for your panel at least 5 minutes for set up and 5 minutes to tear down. If you are given a hour panel, please plan for 50 minutes of content and Q&A, etc.
  5. Panelists are not permitted to touch any sound or video equipment regardless of whatever experience you may have. Any and all damages will be the responsibility of the panelist.

Detailed and well-written panel descriptions will get the highest considerations. Please be as thorough as all possible. The more information provided in the form greatly helps the convention staff’s decision to include your panel, and allows us to provide for your needs. Help us help you make this the best IKKiCON ever!

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